Why Is "Burning In" Your Headphones & Earphones Important

If you’ve ever been amongst a group of audiophiles or an audiophile yourself, then you have definitely heard of “Burning In” your headphones. What does burning in your headphones mean? And why does it matter?

Just like breaking in a new pair of shoes; Burning in is a concept where you open up the diaphragm of your headphones by playing certain frequencies to enhance the performance of your headphones. Basically, the process of burn-in is relatively straight-forward. All you have to do is to continuously play certain frequencies like Pink noise or Radio Static, through the headphones.

Being a complicated process, we have made it easier to burn in your pair of headphones or earphones through our 1MORE Assistant application, all you have to do is download the 1MORE Assistant app through the iOS App Store or Google Play, follow the instructions prompted on the app and just layback while the app does the rest. Despite a few articles stating that burning in headphones does not make a difference, we highly recommend burning your pair of 1MORE Earphones & Headphones through the 1MORE Assistant* app. 

Let’s go through what actually happens when you burn in a pair of headphones or earphones,

Inside your pair of headphones, there is a piece of thin, semi-rigid piece of membrane call a diaphragm. This piece of diaphragm converts mechanical vibration from the voice coil into sounds. Such a device is called a transducer. Basically, where music is converted from electronic signals to actual sound.

When an electrical audio signal reaches the voice coil, the magnetic property around the diaphragm forces it to move in a linear motion back and forth. This mechanical movement pressurizes and rarefies the air in front of the diaphragm, hence producing the sound wave representation of the original electrical signal.

A rigid diaphragm might not be able to compress and rarefy air at greater ease than a loosened diaphragm, hence it might not be able to create an accurate representation of the electric audio signal.

Thus, burning in new headphones helps loosen the diaphragm quicker, allowing the headphones to reach its optimum performance levels at an earlier stage, which otherwise would take months to naturally happen.


*The 1MORE Assistant App is compatible with all earphones and headphones.