1MORE’s Open Box products are products returned by the customers within a few days of the purchase period. After its return, the product goes through a Quality Check process where-in a proper inspection and testing of the product is done.

On finishing this Quality Check, deep cleaning of the product is carried out. The product then finally goes through 1MORE’s special Open Box Repackaging process and all the contents inside the box are re-verified. We aim to make sure you receive the 1MORE Experience as a fresh experience!

All of 1MORE’s Open Box products come with 6 months warranty. The warranty is in addition to 1MORE's standard return policy.

1. Customer purchase a new product.

2. The customer cancels the order in transit or Returns the order.

3. 1MORE Checks & restore any part of the product that could have been damaged in transit.

4. 1MORE Professionals clean & repackage the product.

5. Sold as an 1MORE Open Box Product.

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  • (OPENBOX) 1MORE Piston Fit Earphone with Mic
    (OPENBOX) 1MORE Piston Fit Earphone with Mic
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