Our Story

1MORE was founded on the vision that exceptional music reproduction should be as ubiquitous as music itself - available to everyone, everywhere.

1MORE Awards & Recognition

As music production and audio engineering become ever more technology-enabled and intricately detailed, so must audio reproduction. We at 1MORE are committed to delivering a balanced and unfettered listening experience. We engineer every product for a spacious and enriching output, across every kind of music. Just as the artist intended it.


1MORE headphones continue to raise the game, consistently breaking new ground – from innovative design and construction methods, to a meticulous attention to detail towards ergonomic comfort and durability. We hold several design and technology patents, and remain firmly on our quest to make exceptional audio even better and more accessible to everyone.

1MORE Premium Headphones & Earphones
1MORE THX Certified Earphones

The Only THX Certified Headphones in the World

THX certification is a globally recognised assurance of uncompromising quality, consistency and performance - a rigorous and stringent evaluation of the fidelity of consumer electronics.

1MORE's Triple and Quad Driver headphones are today the only THX certified headphones in the world, raising the bar for both quality and value in the headphones category.

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1MORE Global

1MORE is a globally distributed brand, with offline channels in 25 provinces, more than 40 Hi-Fi audio reps, 3 Apple authorized chain store systems, and more than 3,000 brick and mortar stores.

Our channels reach 26 countries and regions, including USA, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam.