1MORE Single Driver Earphone With Mic

1MORE Single Driver Earphone With Mic

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The 1MORE Single Driver Earphones comes with a fully functional in-line mic with volume controls that is compatible with all Android and iOS devices as well as the driver in the 1MORE Single Driver has a triple layer diaphragm with aerospace grade metal to deliver sizzling highs, pleasant mids and powerful bass with enhanced response times.

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1MORE Piston Fit with Mic
1MORE Piston Fit with Mic

Dual Resonant Chambers

For pure, clean and powerful sound

The 1MORE Single Driver Earphones precisely designed shape of the resonant chambers provides excellent stabilization. The front and rear chambers are placed far apart, to provide optimal space for sound wave resonance. This brings out the bass and makes individual beats more recognizable.

1MORE Piston Fit with Mic
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Aluminium Alloy Body With Kevlar Core Cable

Increased durability and strength

The 1MORE Single Driver Earphones High quality function matches form with a lightweight aluminium alloy body. Our cable consists of interior enamelled copper wrapped around Kevlar fibre to greatly increase durability and tensile strength. The surface of the cable is enhanced by TPE for softness and comfort with a final braided layer of nylon for lasting resilience and tangle resistance.

Ergonomically Engineered & Designed

For the perfect music experience

The oblique angles of the 1MORE Single Driver Earphones align with the natural curve of your ears. Beyond comfort, the snug fit increases noise isolation, fullness, and bass. 1MORE’S commitment to a naturally balanced sound, without the harsh bass and treble boosting prevalent with other brands, produces a fully satisfying listening experience without the need for unhealthy volume levels. Truly giving you a music experience like never before.

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1MORE iBfree Bluetooth earphones with mic

Patented Metal Composite Diaphragm

A better taste with surging and melodious Sound

Millions of people prefer the classic style. It’s the very style we need to extend. we’ve hand-selected metal composite diaphragms, to allow the metal clip to have an outstanding performance at high frequencies, giving you a mellow sound, which is rich in detail. The PET materials used are flexible and soft, which provide a mellow mid-sound as well as a strong and deep bass. We have tied in an optimized program to make you feel more comfortable and balanced. Allowing you to listen to your favorite tracks over a long period of time without any discomfort!

Tuned by Luca Bignardi

Luca Bignardi is a Grammy award-winning Audio Engineer and Sound Designer.

With the 1MORE Single Driver Earphones vast breadth of dynamic and frequency ranges, it takes the ear of a master to weave the experience together. Luca Bignardi's touch brings alive the performance capabilities of theSingle Driver Earphones, rendering an output that is marked by its warm sincerity, refined precision and depth of colour. The result is music - pure, unbridled and unsullied - just as the artist intended it.

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1MORE Assistant

The 1 MORE Assistant helps you burn-in your headphones with ease, Burning your headphone allows the headphones to reach a matured level more quickly, by opening up our patented drivers to give you crisper highs and a deep yet mellow bass.

To experience the true power of your headphones download the 1MORE Assistant app: